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Personalized Care and Guidance

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Individual Therapy

A hallmark of mental health care is individual psychotherapy.  Therapy is a time when an individual can talk and listen to themselves in the presence of a clinician, skilled in identifying blocking beliefs, defensive strategies, and underlining conflicts.  Together, the therapist and client explore feelings that contribute to our distress.  

Couples Therapy

If you feel stuck as a couple and are struggling to hear each other, then couples therapy may be able to help you move forward.  At best, you may recognize the person you fell in love with.
Monica is a Licensed Clinical Marital and Family Therapist.


Sensory Motor Psychotheray


Aviation/HIMS Certified Psychiatric Evaluations

Dr. Whipple is a HIMS certified psychiatrist who provides FAA standardized assessments.  Many times, a pilot needs to undergo an assessment for their medical certification due to a history of a substance use or psychiatric issue.  Dr. Whipple will walk you through the process and give you a well informed opinion.  The process starts with a confidential phone call.

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Psychodynamic Psychiatry

Dr. Whipple's current practice is focused on forensic fitness for duty evaluations.  Consultations and individual care management are offered on a limited basis.  The goal of a forensic evaluation is to determine if the individual poses a risk in public safety industries--e.g. medicine or aviation.  Careful consideration of individual variables, sensitivities, and preferences are weighed against best standards of care.  

Dr. Whipple no longer provides medication management or individual psychotherapy services. 

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